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Monday, April 27, 2009

Roadies Hell Down Under

Few reality shows in India are based on an original concept, are entertaining enough, and have a dedicated fan following. One of such few shows, is the Roadies concept. Having watched all seasons, i do admit that the show
is good. Season 1, like every show, was a new concept, nevertheless, I was among the few interested in it from day one, not that I was a fan, but I did think it was a good show, something that I enjoyed watching. The winner of season 1 Rannvijay went on to host the rest of the Roadies seasons. Roadies was about a group of 13-14 bikers travelling across the country, about half of them guys and other half, girls. In the course of their journey, they have to do tasks to earn money and also tasks to save them from being sent home. Yes every week is an elimination episode. That was what the first 2 seasons were about. From there onwards, entered sensationalism. Like all shows, this had to grow more sensational. The Roadies involved more difficulty right from time of selecting candidates, to increased task difficulty, more chaos, more conflicts. Down to Season 6 where the puppet master Raghu, the conceptualiser of Roadies, left no stone unturned to create chaos and shock value on the show, though most of the girls selected do not know how to ride a Karizma. The season is by far, pretty entertaining, has enough shock value to keep viewers glued to it. Raghu is indeed the puppet master of Hell Down Under. Each task, each vote out, each conflict, carefully monitored by the creators. Rannvijay is the implementor of sorts, carrying out the twists in the tale accurately. Sometimes the vote-outs and winner decisions are kind of unfair, case in point, a total idiotic douchebag called Ashu won Season 5 of Roadies, inspite of being abysmal in tasks. Just by total luck! But Season 6 is far better. The game, in the end is all about luck, and to an extent, skills. You’d better be an adventurer and know survival to be here. The contestants go through quite a bit of turmoil, backstabbing, and fighting.. case in point latest Roadies. But no one walks away from it disappointed. To sum it up, I’ve seen Roadies from the start, and for an original concept, its a pretty good show. Mtv themselves admit they get the maximum brownie points because of this show. Many of the participants have gotten stints on tv because of Roadies. Hope Roadies does not change too much down the line and retains its existing little insanity rather than going overboard ;-) Due credits for Raghu and Mtv, and Rannvijay and all the deserving participants of Roadies \m/
It’s hell again as Palak & Nauman face a new competitor besides each other in MTV Hero Honda Roadies: Hell
MTV Hero Honda Roadies: Hell Down Under!
MTV Hero Honda Roadies: Hell Down Under!
Down Under!

All hell breaks loose in the first part of MTV Hero Honda Roadies: Hell Down Under finale with Raghu’s bolt from the blue... the return of all 13 voted out Roadies! Not just to vote or help the two finalists, Palak and Nauman, but for another crack at becoming the ultimate Roadie!

Watch as the 13 battle it out trading wits, bribes, threats and taking on a whole new set of explosive tasks in what is sure to be the most dramatic finale ever of any reality series in India! Who will be the third Roadie challenging the final two? You cannot afford to miss the episode that lays down the rules for the beginning of the end!

When you thought it was nearly over... it’s hell again